Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Absolute Favorite Lego Container Ever!

Several months ago, my son began started playing with Legos...and I became a Lego Mom.
Lego Mom: noun, def Mother of lego child; finder of legos, usually in the middle of the night by contact with feet; possessor of loud Lego scream (produced by contact of Legos to said feet).
And then I found this (possibly the best toy container ever invented):

My son (and now daughter) can spread out the Lay-n-Go, play for hours, and then quickly cinch up the bag and put ALL the Legos away...and I no longer find spare Legos with the bottom of my feet.

I love the Lay-n-Go! Honestly, this is the best Lego container ever.

Click here to visit Lay-n-Go,

The above link is an Affiliate Link, not because I expect to make millions. I just think all Lego Moms NEED this. Seriously.

Your feet will thank me for it.

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