Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Funny Face Beauty is Giving Away Makeup - Ends December 31

If you like makeup (and who doesn't??), you need to check this out:

Funny Face Beauty is giving away this enormous lot of yummies! Head on over HERE for your chance to win! Giveaway ends December 31.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Stain Fighters (Link to Giveaway)

I am on the lookout for a new stain fighter! My husband is a runner, which means that he sweats. And I have a very difficult time getting perspiration stains out of his running clothes. (Any suggestions??)

I found a giveaway for some Shout Free Stain Remover at The Dirty T Shirt.

Stop over HERE to enter. Giveaway ends January 3.

My Face Needs This! (Giveaway Link)

Yes, I'm over 40, and no that does not bother me. I actually like being in my 40s...except for one thing: my skin is starting to show my age. Bah Humbug!

So, when I saw the Cosmetix giveaway at New Age Mama, I knew I needed to enter! Here's what is up for grabs:

For your chance to win, enter HERE. Giveaway ends December 27.

My Son LOVES Looney Tunes (Link to Giveaway)

When I think about my childhood, I remember how much my big brothers enjoyed watching Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny, RoadRunner, and especially the Tazmainian Devil--they loved them all.

I still don't get it! What is so funny about the same critters trying over and over...and over and kill each other??

I do realize, however, that there are alot of Looney lovers out there, and my son is one of them! And that is why I entered the giveaway at Two Boys + One Girl = One Crazy Mom to win this:

If you have a Looney lover in your house, enter HERE by December 29. 

Have I Mentioned How Much I Love Coffee? (Link to A Giveaway!)

I am a coffee addict. And, no I am not looking for a twelve step program! LOL I am quite happy with my addiction.

I am also a coffee snob. I love good coffee, and good creamer (and a large dollop of whipped cream with a sprinkle of cinnamon, please).

So, I knew I had to enter when I saw that The Dirty T Shirt is giving away THIS:

For your chance to win it, go HERE. Giveaway ends January 1.

Books for Young Adult Boys -- Link to a Giveaway

It is not often that I come across book giveaways that are appropriate for my children. My kids love to read (thankfully!), but they are at the stages now that it is difficult to find books a) that they like, and b) that I like.

If you head on over to The Dirty t Shirt, you can enter to win these books:

I would love the chance to check these out with my children. And then, if we like them or not, we can donate them to the local library (our home away from home, lol). They are always looking for books for young adults, too!

So, go HERE to enter for your chance to win. Giveaway ends December 26.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Something to Smile About -- Giveaway Link

2 Boys + 1 Girl = 1 Crazy Mom is giving away this:

I am a coffee addict, so I would love to win this! My teeth could use a little a lot of whitening!

For your chance to win, go HERE.  Giveaway ends December 27. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stampin' Up! Giveaway--Ends Tonight!

The Mommyhood Chronicles is having a Stampin' Up! Cookie Stamp giveaway...and it ends tonight! If you hurry over HERE to enter, you might win this:

1. Sweet Pressed Cookie Stamp (1), $16.95 item number 125152
2. Kraft Gift Box (4) $2.95 item number 124106
3. Homemade stamp set (1), $8.95, item number 116978
4. 2-3/8" Scallop Circle Punch (1), $16.95, item number 118874
5. 12" x 12" Smooth Card Stock Very Vanilla (1) $5.95 item number 124301
6. Basic Black Stampin' Spot (1)  (not sold individually)
7. Cherry Cobbler Bakers Twine (1), $2.95, item number 123125
I LOVE Stampin' Up! products, so I'm crossing my fingers and my toes for this one! LOL

Remember, the giveaway ends tonight so hurry over HERE to enter!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Fun Christmas Giveaway

Rook No. 17 is having a fun Christmas giveaway to help you with all of the crafts you're doing with your kiddos. Here's what you can win:

So hurry over HERE--two lucky people will win! But hurry--the giveaway ends tonight!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Perserve My Son CAN Eat!! (Link to Giveaway!)

A few years ago, we discovered that my son has an unusual allergy...he is allergic to something called benzoate. This is a preservative often used in dried fruits or preserved fruits--especially in jams and jellies. His allergy is not serious, thankfully, so he can have a very small amount without getting sick.

Because of my son's allergy, we have to be very careful what brand of jelly we buy. Most jellies use benzoate as a preservative, and--get this--it is not required by the FDA that it is listed as an ingredient! We have had to learn (sometimes the hard way) which brands are safe, and which are not.

Smuckers is a safe brand! Their preserves are all natural, which is healthier for all of us.

Smuckers has recently come out with some new flavors that I would LOVE to try...especially the Orchard's Finest Michigan Red Tart Cherry. Doesn't that sound wonderful??

I just entered to win an Orchard’s Finest product sampling in branded crate over at The Dirty t Shirt. I would love to have a whole sampling of jellies that are safe for my son to eat!

This giveaway ends on December 15, so hurry over HERE for your chance!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What I Really Want To Give My Husband For Christmas...

For a few months now, my kids and I have been trying to figure out ways to come up with several hundred dollars. Why? So we can buy my husband one of these:

Well, our dreams of buying one have been dashed so many times (okay, they really aren't very realistic dreams, since I am a SAHM and my kids are all too young to work, lol), but one can dream, right?

The other thing we have been trying is to WIN one. Wouldn't it be just SO amazing to win this??

Well, here's another chance! One Savvy Mom is giving away a 42" LG tv!! And I am praying that we will win it. *sigh*

For a chance to win it for yourself (or your husband!), head over HERE. Giveaway ends January 25, so if you or I win it will have to be a late Christmas present. :-)

But, hey, who's going to complain?

Happy entering!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today's The Last Day To Enter To Win Some Cool Gear!

Inspired by Savannah is giving away this Cool Gear:

How cute are they, ha? I'm thinking they would make a great gift for my cute little great-nephew!

If you want a chance to win enter HERE.  But hurry! The giveaway ends tonight at 12:59pm.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Eraselets Review and Giveaway!! Ends Dec 7

**This is a sticky! Please scroll down for newer posts!**

I can't wait to tell you about this amazing product and company!! I was recently introduced to Eraselets...the bracelets that erase!

We all know how popular those little wristbands are...practically every organization has one. My college-age nephew wears one for Lance Armstrong, my friend and sister-in-law wear one for cancer research, and my kids wear them for fun. Until now...

Now, my kids wear them for function!

Because Eraselets are cool wristbands that erase! They really do! 

What I like about Eraselets:

**They appeal to all ages.

When my package of eraselets arrived, I was amazed at how quickly they 'disappeared'! My children (age 13, 10 and 8) all liked them. Later, when my 18-year-old niece arrived for a visit, she took the last one! I can see children of all ages liking these. They would make the perfect stocking stuffer, birthday gift for a friend, or reward for doing something good!

**They are useful!

I have inherited my Dad's "New England Practicality", so I do not like to buy a gift 'just to buy a gift'. I want a gift that is meaningful and useful...not trivial, yet not boring either! Eraselets fill those requirements by being fun but also useful. They are a hit with almost any age!

**There is a style for everyone!

My favorite style is the Scripture bands: 


There are two styles of Scripture bands: The Six Colors of Salvation and Scripture Pack - Sports. Each band has a different Bible verse on the back. Please note that the Scripture Packs are currently only available from Lifeway Christian Stores. (Look HERE to find a location near you.) These are not included in the giveaway.

My other favorite is the Erase World Hunger Eraselets.

100% of the net profit made off of this Eraselet goes to the Erase World Hunger Foundation. That's awesome!

From now through December 2, Eraselet is having a Stocking Stuffer Sale! All packs are $1.00 off (this excludes Scripture Packs).

Click on any of the links above or go HERE to buy Eraselets! They are available individually or in packs of 6.


Eraselet has generously offered two retail packs of the winner's choice to one winner! Thank You! Use the rafflecopter below to enter. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This Pillow is on My Christmas Wish List!

The Girl From the Ghetto is giving away this pillow...and I want it!

I have TMJ that affects my jaw, neck and shoulders, and a regular heating pad can be difficult to place directly where I need it (due to its shape). This pillow can be heated in the microwave and is even lavender scented. *sigh*

Actually, YOU can try to win it, too! The giveaway ends December 11 at 10 pm. Go HERE to enter!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Enter to Win a Miche Bag and Cover!

Aspiring New Moms is giving away this:

Along with your choice of cover?

Um, yah! Well, here's your chance! Head over to Aspiring New Moms and enter!

Giveaway ends tomorrow, so hurry!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Enter to Win an Orb Factory Happily Ever After Jewelry Box!

These days, I am busily scouring the internet for ideas for Christmas gifts. I like unique gifts that suit the person I am giving the gift to--something personal yet not 'run-of-the-mill.'

Well, in hopes of crossing my niece off my list, I just entered to win this:

Inspired by Savannah is hosting the giveaway HERE. If you would like a chance, hurry over! The giveaway ends on December 8.

Miche Bag and Cover Giveaway!

How would you like to win this:

Along with your choice of cover?

Um, yah! Well, here's your chance! Head over to Aspiring New Moms and enter!

Giveaway ends tomorrow, so hurry!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Cards...It's That Time of Year Again!

Every year I think, "Next year I will get my Christmas Cards done sooner!" Only, every year I seem to be getting later and later...or end up not sending them at all *gasp*.

Well, enough is enough! This year, I am going to get my cards ordered...and sent out ON TIME!

This morning, I took the time to pick out my cards from Tiny Prints. I chose this one:


I love this card! I love that I can add the gorgeous family pics that we had taken this year (finally!). 
I love that I can personalize it (that saves a ton of time!), and I love that I can order matching return address labels if I want:

I am not the best at keeping in touch with family, and so I am determined to keep the Christmas Card tradition alive in my house. Family and friends are so important, and Christmas is the perfect time to remind them of how much we love and miss them (we live far away from our family and many of our friends).

What about you? Are you sending out Christmas cards this year? If you are, you really should check out the gorgeous cards available from Tiny Prints. There are 469 styles to choose from (and that is just their holiday cards...they offer a bunch of other cards also!).  But, hurry! Tiny Prints is having a special sale through tomorrow (Nov 29)!

3 days of cyber savings! 15% off $75+ or 20% off $149+ and free shipping! code: cyber20 | ends 11/29

I am so excited with the card I found, and I can't wait to send them to my friends and family!
Disclosure: In exchange for writing this post, I will receive 50 cards from Tiny Prints. All opinions are my own and are 100% truthful. 

Friday, November 18, 2011

If You Post Pictures On-line You, NEED TO Watch This!

Thanks to Living with Twins & A Drama Queen for sharing this!

This is so alarming! I hope that everyone will watch this!!

It is so simple to keep this from happening! Please check the settings on your smartphones, and keep your families safe!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Howard Leight SYNC Earmuffs Review

Recently, I won a pair of Howard Leight SYNC Earmuffs from Sharon at Real Life Deals. (Yippee!)

Just a note: I won these on November 12th and they arrived yesterday!! How's that for quick service!

While I had never heard of the Howard Leight brand, I was interesting in the feature of noise-blocking that the earmuffs boast. Since I homeschool my children and part of their work is done on the computer, I am constantly hearing complaints (like "I can't concentrate!", "He's/she's being too loud!", and "Can you please be a little quieter?") while one child was on the computer and the other two were working with me. I love the thought of earmuffs that actually block background noise. (Anything to eliminate distractions while we're doing school is a good thing!)

So, when the earmuffs arrived yesterday, I was anxious to try them out. And I am far from disappointed!!
They are amazing! Now one child can work on the computer while the other two interact, read aloud, or even practice piano without being a distraction! WOW.


As a mom, the thing I absolutely LOVE about these is that (now that my children are old enough that I don't need to supervise them every moment) I can wear these earmuffs and have the sense of being 'away from it all'. I love that I can block out unnecessary noise while I  listen to books on CD or my IPod, or listen to my music. That is SO nice!

I really love these earmuffs, and I would love the opportunity to try some of Howard Leight's other products. I am definitely pleased with the quality and lightening-fast service that I have received so far.

Notice: I was not asked to do this review. The only product I received was the set of earmuffs that I won in this giveaway. All opinions are my own and were given because I am truly impressed with the quality of this product and the speed of the delivery! 


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Crest 3D White Strips Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Hope's Cafe is giving away Crest 3D 2-Hour White strips HERE.

I would love to win these, since my teeth definitely reflect the amount of coffee I drink, ugh! It would be so nice to try these out.

Maybe you have the same issue, or maybe you just want whiter teeth. If you would like to try to win hurry over to enter, because the giveaway ends at 11:59pm tonight!


Win chicBuds!

Just a reminder that you can enter to win a chicBuds Rockboom Chain Speaker at Rita Reviews HERE.

This would make a great Christmas gift! (I am hoping to win it for my youngest dd.)

This contest has LOW ENTRIES and ends on November 17, so hurry HERE to enter!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Win a Vintage Camera Backpack

Allie at Allie Photography is giving away this darling backpack!

I would love to win this! If you want a chance, go HERE.

Win chicBuds!

Rita Reviews is having a giveaway HERE to win a chicBuds Rockboom Keychain Speaker like this one:

This tiny speaker goes with an MP3 player! Hurry HERE to enter.  Giveaway Ends Nov 17.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Styling Iron Giveaway!

This summer my oldest daughter became more interested in how her hair looks, and suddenly I was having to share my hair straightener. I am all for sharing, mind you, but it does make it kind of tricky when we are both getting ready at the same time...

 Now, my middle daughter is using my straightener, too. I think it might be time to invest in another one! But they are expensive, and with Christmas coming...

Fortunately for me, Hope's Cafe is giving away an HSG Infrashine MST Styling Iron HERE. I hope I win! :-)

Giveaway ends Nov 9, so hurry on over!


FunTote Giveaway

I have been looking for a piano bag for my son to carry his piano books in. Unfortunately, all of the bags I have found are just perfect...for my daughters.  Enter FunTote, a unique line of bags...and they carry this:
Can you say. perfect?!

Yes, I know these bags are designed for women, but my son doesn't have to know that. :-)

And the best part?  Life Full of Laughter is hosting a giveaway for a FunTote HERE.

Hurry--the giveaway ends November 9!


The BEST Husband Gift!

I found the BEST gift for my husband today!! I am so excited!

Men are so hard to buy for, and my husband is the worst. He never needs or wants anything, no matter how many times I ask him. He does love sports, though, and he also does all of the grilling at our house (mainly because I nearly burned down our house the first/only time I tried...long story).

So, I about jumped off the couch today when I saw this:

It is a Penn State grilling "sportula", available from How awesome is that??!

Right now, Contest Corner is giving away one Sportula of choice to two lucky winners! But hurry, because the giveaway ends tonight! Enter the giveaway HERE.

Yay! I hope I win!!

Create Hope Designs and a Giveaway!

Today I found a wonderful blog and giveaway.

Check out my blog post about it here.