Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Styling Iron Giveaway!

This summer my oldest daughter became more interested in how her hair looks, and suddenly I was having to share my hair straightener. I am all for sharing, mind you, but it does make it kind of tricky when we are both getting ready at the same time...

 Now, my middle daughter is using my straightener, too. I think it might be time to invest in another one! But they are expensive, and with Christmas coming...

Fortunately for me, Hope's Cafe is giving away an HSG Infrashine MST Styling Iron HERE. I hope I win! :-)

Giveaway ends Nov 9, so hurry on over!


FunTote Giveaway

I have been looking for a piano bag for my son to carry his piano books in. Unfortunately, all of the bags I have found are just perfect...for my daughters.  Enter FunTote, a unique line of bags...and they carry this:
Can you say. perfect?!

Yes, I know these bags are designed for women, but my son doesn't have to know that. :-)

And the best part?  Life Full of Laughter is hosting a giveaway for a FunTote HERE.

Hurry--the giveaway ends November 9!


The BEST Husband Gift!

I found the BEST gift for my husband today!! I am so excited!

Men are so hard to buy for, and my husband is the worst. He never needs or wants anything, no matter how many times I ask him. He does love sports, though, and he also does all of the grilling at our house (mainly because I nearly burned down our house the first/only time I tried...long story).

So, I about jumped off the couch today when I saw this:

It is a Penn State grilling "sportula", available from Sportula.com. How awesome is that??!

Right now, Contest Corner is giving away one Sportula of choice to two lucky winners! But hurry, because the giveaway ends tonight! Enter the giveaway HERE.

Yay! I hope I win!!

Create Hope Designs and a Giveaway!

Today I found a wonderful blog and giveaway.

Check out my blog post about it here.