Saturday, March 10, 2012

Win an Apple Gift Pack! Ends Tonight!

Sparkling Reviews' giveaways just keep getting better and better! I am SOOO badly wanting to win this one!! Say a prayer for me, won't you?? lol

So, here is what you (or I!) could win:

Apple Gift Pack:
*MacBook Air
*Unlocked GSM iPhone 4s (black or white)
*iPod Touch 32 GB (Latest Gen)
* Apple TV
*Apple iPad 3

Can you say WOW!!! I need a computer soooo badly, and my hubby wants an iPad 3 sooo badly...and my daughter wants an iPod Touch soooo badly. How fun it would be to win this!! :-) 

I think Sparkling Reviews is amazing to be giving away such great prizes! So head over HERE to enter by tonight!!

 OOOH, I hope I win!

Win a MacBook Pro! Ends Tonight!!

Sparkling Reviews' Follower Appreciation Giveaway #7 is for a MacBook Pro!!

I SOOOO badly need a new computer! Mine is truly ancient...and eternally slooooowwww. UGH.

Enter HERE by tonight for your chance!

How About a $1000 Coach GC? Anyone?? Ends TONIGHT!

Sparkling Reviews'  Follower Appreciation Giveaway #6 is for a $1000 Coach Gift Card! Yipes! My sisters-in-law would be soooo! :-)

So enter HERE by tonight for your chance!

Win a 7-Day Disney Cruise for 4!! Ends Tonight!

Sparkling Reviews' Follower Appreciation Giveaway #4 is for a 7-Day Caribbean Disney Cruise for 4!!!

Enter HERE by tonight!!

Win an I-Pad 2! Ends Tonight!

Sparkling Reviews' Follower Appreciation Giveaway #1 is for an I-Pad 2!!!

Enter HERE by tonight!!

Win a $500 Best Buy GC! Ends TONIGHT!

Sparking Reviews Appreciation Day Giveaway #2 is for a $500 Best Buy Gift Card!

Enter HERE by tonight!!

Win a $500 Amazon GC!

Sparkling Reviews is kicking off a ton of giveaways with this:

A $500.00 Amazon gift card!!

Enter HERE by March 16, 2012.

Friday, March 2, 2012

What I Did With My Qwik Shower Wipes

I love to win things that I can share with someone else!! A few months ago, I won some Qwik Shower Wipes from Mccrenshaw's Newest Thoughts.

I entered the contest with a specific use for them in mind, so I was really excited that I won! And, this past week, I was able to pass them on to be used for what I had in mind--a Missions trip to Chad, Africa.

A friend of mine is the head of the Nursing Department at the local Christian college, and the nurses and nursing students are taking a Missions Trip to Chad, Africa, this month.

Picture courtesy of

Since Chad is near the equator and is part desert, you can imagine the heat. Add a lot of sand, a lack of water, and a lack of access to bathing facilities, and you can see why I gave the Qwik Shower wipes to my friend. She told me that the forecast for Chad was "80's and dusty". 

My guess is, those Qwik Shower wipes will come in handy! :-)

If you would like to order some wipes for yourself (or for a friend going on a trip), go HERE.

*Nope! I didn't receive anything to facilitate this post. I just wanted to share how awesome it is to share. :-)*