Sunday, January 29, 2012

Have You Ever Seen Such an Epic Giveaway??

You aren't going to believe this one! To celebrate 2000 followers, Sparkling Reviews is giving away this:

a Flat Screen 73" TV

1 Sony Home Theater Set (includes Blu Ray Player , iPod dock, and speakers)
Yep, that's One thousand smackeroos!

And this is $1,000, too!

So RUN, don't walk, over HERE to enter. As if I need to tell you that!

Oh, and this giveaway ends Feb 1.

I Will Dream About This Tonight...

I really want to win a TV for my sweet husband. I really do. So, I'm searching "giveaway TV" on twitter, and I find this:

Sparking Reviews is giving away a Macbook Air and an Apple TV. Woah.

Now, I really want to win an Apple TV for my husband.

And a Macbook Air for me. tee hee

If you want a chance, hurry HERE to enter. And I mean hurry. My name Winner will be announced on Facebook tomorrow.