Monday, January 16, 2012

Make a Difference Monday

I was trying to decide on a regular post for my blog, what my blog is really about, etc., etc., and what I have come up with is Make a Difference Monday. 

I want my life to make a difference. I want my kids' lives to make a difference.

So, every Monday, I will post about some small way that I have made a difference during the previous week. I would LOVE it if you would comment with a way that you made a difference this week. That would be awesome! Would you do that for me??

Now for this week's post:

I love to give presents anonymously. I just love the thought of causing someone to stop and think about WHO could have possibly done...whatever. Then they go through all of the wonderful people in their lives, how many special ones they know that could have thought to do something special for them. And, in the process, they realize just how blessed they are. And that is the real gift.

Well, I was able to share my winnings with a very special family...anonymously.

So, don't tell, okay?

There is a young couple in our church that is on deputation (trying to raise support) to go to the Mission Field. They have three young children and another on the way. They live with the husbands' parents...or they did, but the parents are moving so they are looking for a place.

Anyway, I recently won a $25 GC to Burger King.

And I gave the card to the young family in our church...anonymously. How FUN!

I remember what a challenge suppertime can be when you're pregnant and trying to keep up with three active little ones. And they are on the road so much trying to raise support.

I like to think that my little gift made a difference and brought a smile to their faces.

Now it's your turn...What are you doing to make a difference? Please comment below and share!

*making a difference*



  1. That is a great thing to do. I often give back to others with blog items I get for review, because at times I receive HUGE cases of items such as household cleaners and many can use these things. Love sharing when I can and giving back!

  2. Hi I heard that you received the Versatile Blogger Award,"Congratulations", that is awesome. And because I found your blog I am your newest follower today!! Yeah I makes me the 26th follower!! Hope you can stop by and follow as well!!Oh! My Heartsie
    Enjoy your day, Karren