Thursday, November 17, 2011

Howard Leight SYNC Earmuffs Review

Recently, I won a pair of Howard Leight SYNC Earmuffs from Sharon at Real Life Deals. (Yippee!)

Just a note: I won these on November 12th and they arrived yesterday!! How's that for quick service!

While I had never heard of the Howard Leight brand, I was interesting in the feature of noise-blocking that the earmuffs boast. Since I homeschool my children and part of their work is done on the computer, I am constantly hearing complaints (like "I can't concentrate!", "He's/she's being too loud!", and "Can you please be a little quieter?") while one child was on the computer and the other two were working with me. I love the thought of earmuffs that actually block background noise. (Anything to eliminate distractions while we're doing school is a good thing!)

So, when the earmuffs arrived yesterday, I was anxious to try them out. And I am far from disappointed!!
They are amazing! Now one child can work on the computer while the other two interact, read aloud, or even practice piano without being a distraction! WOW.


As a mom, the thing I absolutely LOVE about these is that (now that my children are old enough that I don't need to supervise them every moment) I can wear these earmuffs and have the sense of being 'away from it all'. I love that I can block out unnecessary noise while I  listen to books on CD or my IPod, or listen to my music. That is SO nice!

I really love these earmuffs, and I would love the opportunity to try some of Howard Leight's other products. I am definitely pleased with the quality and lightening-fast service that I have received so far.

Notice: I was not asked to do this review. The only product I received was the set of earmuffs that I won in this giveaway. All opinions are my own and were given because I am truly impressed with the quality of this product and the speed of the delivery! 


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  1. I've always wanted headphones like these. Somehow I always end up buying cheap ones. What I can't stand is the ones that fit into your earlobes.